what is aerolite?

Aerolite is a light-weight ceiling insulation product which is well-known for its pink coloured rolls. It is produced from a combination of naturally occurring minerals such as silica sand which is a sustainable resource. 

Aerolite is an ideal product for homeowners who are seeking an easy-to-install DIY product. This is due to the fact that Aerolite does not require specialised machinery for installation. 

how is it installed?

This product is suitable for homeowners who are seeking a cost-saving DIY solution.

Aerolite is installed by unrolling each roll and simply cutting the insulation in order to fit the measurements of your ceiling. 

We supply aerolite to customers who are looking for a DIY solution – we do not offer installation of Aerolite. 

why choose Aerolite?

Aerolite is a great choice for homeowners who are seeking a DIY insulation product. Aerolite offers a myriad of benefits:

energy saving

Aerolite helps you save money each month on cooling and heating due to it’s thermal properties.


Aerolite is treated with additives to make it fire retardant and flame proof.

pest resistant

Aerolite is treated with additives which repel insects and rodents.


Most frequent questions and answers

Aerolite will help reduce your electricity bills for heating and cooling your home. This is because Aerolite blocks heat from entering your home in Summer and exiting your home in Winter.

Yes you can. Aerolite is supplied in easy to cut rolls which can be installed in your ceiling without specialised equipment. 

Aerolite insulation is not loved by vermin. This is because Aerolite is manufactured from Glasswool.

So the answer is vermin do not like this insulation.

No, the Aerolite rolls are easy to cut and install which is why this product is so popular for those seeking a DIY solution.

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